How to Play Bubble Shooter: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and competitive online game that’s visually appealing and hard to put down, Bubble Shooter just might be the game for you.

Bubble Shooter is an arcade game played on a PC or phone (online or offline) where players shoot a cannon of bubbles at other bubbles. The goal of Bubble Shooter is to destroy as many bubbles as possible by shooting groups of bubbles that are the same color as the cannon ammunition.

There are countless versions of Bubble Shooter. However, the rules are mostly the same. If you’re ready to go from Bubble Shooter newbie to expert, we're here to help. In this article, you will learn: - Bubble Shooter rules for beginners - Whether Bubble Shooter is easy to play or not - Bubble Shooter gameplay tips - Where to find the best bubble shooter games online

Are you ready to get started? Continue reading to learn more.

Bubble Shooter Rules For Beginners

Bubble Shooter is a casual game, so there aren’t many complex rules or maneuvers. The rules of the game are pretty simple. They include but are not limited to: - Use your mouse (if playing on a PC) or your finger (if on a phone) to aim and shoot bubbles from a cannon. - Try your best to shoot at bubbles that are the same color as the bubble in the cannon. - If you shoot a group of three or more matching bubbles, they explode. - Your goal is to pop bubbles, making as many color matches as possible before you run out of turns or time (depending on the game you’re playing). - The more matches and groups of same-color bubbles you clear, the more points you earn.

Unlike most other mobile games, Bubble Shooter is designed to be relaxing and soothing. The colors, sounds, music, and motions of most bubble shooter games make it a great game to unwind with after a tough day.

Is Bubble Shooter Easy to Play?

Absolutely. Bubble Shooter is one of the easiest games to learn and play. Bubble Shooter developers tend to focus on fun and engagement more than making a very challenging game.

However, if you enjoy Bubble Shooter but want more of a challenge, there are options. In many cases, you can increase the difficulty level in the settings menu. We recommend starting on easy and gradually working your way up.
Further, most Bubble Shooter games allow head-to-head competition with others. So, if you’re tired of beating a computer, you can match up against a real person and test your Bubble Shooter skills.

Bubble Shooter Tips to Go from Beginner to Expert

Once you start playing Bubble Shooter, you’ll likely have an urge to get better. Below, we’ve provided helpful Bubble Shooter tips and tricks to take you from beginner to expert in no time.

Level Up Quickly

Make quick and decisive moves to clear as many bubbles as possible in the fastest amount of time. It can take a while to master the controls and feedback mechanisms, but once you do, you’ll surprise yourself with how fast you move on to the next level.

Aim Before You Shoot

Aim with a purpose. Shooting your cannon randomly won’t help you get to the next level or earn high scores. Misplaced bubbles can lead to unnecessary blocks limiting your points and ability to clear the playing field. If you’re playing on a PC, aim your mouse directly at the bubble or group of bubbles you want to destroy. If you’re playing on your iPhone or Android, use your finger to select your target.

Go For The Groups First

It can be tempting to go after small groups of bubbles. However, you can earn a lot more points and get to the next level faster by focusing your energy on large groups of same-color bubbles. In many cases, targeting the bigger groups can lead to other bubbles automatically dropping, which leads to a higher score.

Use The Walls

Use the walls to your advantage. Most online classic Bubble Shooter games allow players to bounce shots off the wall. Doing so can help you target a group of bubbles that’s hard to reach or otherwise blocked on your screen.

Make a Path

Creating a path to target large groups of bubbles is a well-known strategy that can help you conserve your ammunition and make every shot matter. You can use this strategy for worthy same-color bubble groups or target the bubbles on the upper rows.

Change the Color of Your Bubble Shooter

Most Bubble Shooter games allow players to switch between the current ammunition color and the next. While this doesn’t give you a wide variety to choose from, it opens your options and allows for strategic shooting.

Avoid Stacking Bubbles

In many Bubble Shooter games, you have to wait a while to get the color shooter needed to destroy a group of bubbles. When you’re waiting for the color you need, it’s best to avoid stacking different color bubbles. Instead, spread your shots along the edges of the puzzle.

Doing so can ensure that you don’t create unnecessary walls that could end your game earlier than expected. It’s important to remember that if any line of bubbles reaches the bottom of the playing field, the game automatically ends.

Where to Find The Best Bubble Shooter Game Online

Are you ready to learn how to play Bubble Shooter? Check out our unique collection of online Bubble Shooter games from your phone today. You can play solo, head-to-head, or in highly competitive Bubble Shooter tournaments against real people for your chance to win real prizes (where available). Find the Bubble Shooter Game that’s best for you, and get started.

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