How to Play Golf Solitaire 101

Golf Solitaire is one of the oldest versions of Solitaire still in existence. Originally called “One Foundation,” Golf Solitaire is a combination of Solitaire and golf. It’s scored like golf but played like a variant of Solitaire. In other words, it's still a card game, and it’s generally much easier than Pyramid, Scorpion, FreeCell, or Spider Solitaire. If you’re ready to add to your Solitaire repertoire, we’re here to help. In this article, you will learn Golf Solitaire basics, including: - The objective of the game - How to play Golf Solitaire for beginners - Step-by-Step instructions for how to play the game - How to score a game of Golf Solitaire - Where to play Golf Solitaire on your iPhone or Android

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The Object of the Game

The main goal in Golf Solitaire is to remove all cards from the seven columns (also known as the tableau) and place them in the waste pile (also called the “talon”). Players can move cards to the waste if they are one rank higher or lower than the top card on the talon pile.

How Do You Play Golf Solitaire for Beginners?

The rules of Golf Solitaire are simple, but don’t let that fool you. If you lose focus or make the wrong moves, your game could end earlier than expected. Listed below are step-by-step instructions for playing Golf Solitaire for beginners.

Step One: Setup & Layout

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck (no Jokers). You begin setup by creating seven columns (face-up), each holding five cards (slightly overlapping the previous).

Move the remaining cards face-down below the tableau. They are now your stock cards. Flip the first card, and place it next to the stock. This pile is the talon or waste stack.

Step Two: Gameplay

First, survey your tableau. Then, play an available card from the tableau that’s one rank higher or lower than the face up card in the talon. This step is repeated until you win or run into a block. If there are no available moves on your board, you can flip a card from the stock onto the talon to open up more possibilities.

Step Three: Winning

Winning a game of Golf Solitaire is straightforward. Players must move all cards from the tableau to the talon pile. If you get stuck and there are no more moves to make (after cycling through the stock), you lose the game, after which you can reshuffle and play a new game. Check out a few tips below. 1. Only uncovered cards can be moved to the talon 2. Some games allow Aces and Kings to be played on top of each other 3. If you’re playing online, there is typically a scorekeeping system

How is Golf Solitaire Scored?

Scoring systems may vary from app to app. However, in general, Golf Solitaire is scored in the following ways: - Moving a card from a column to the talon: 100 points - Clearing an entire column: 400 points - Every second of time that passes: -1 point - Undo button penalty: -25 points

Like the game of golf, Golf Solitaire is usually played in nine rounds. A par score is 36, and a score of zero is perfect. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve a perfect score if the game is timed.

You may be awarded bonus points for finishing the game under a specific time or clearing every column before time expires (if the game is timed).

How is 4 Card Solitaire Played?

Another Solitaire card game, Four Card Solitaire (also called Osmosis Solitaire) is simpler than Spider, Pyramid Solitaire, or Classic Solitaire. The game's goal is to build four suit-specific foundation piles using the cards in the stock. Unlike most other Solitaire games, the numerical values of the cards don’t matter in 4 card Solitaire.

Where to Play Golf Solitaire on Your Phone

Are you tired of learning and ready to start playing Golf Solitaire online? Check out two of the best Golf Solitaire games in the iPhone and Android app stores below: - Golf Solitaire Cube - A fast, fun, and competitive game - Gold Solitaire TriPeaks - A challenging, fast-paced, and competitive puzzle game

Test your Golf Solitaire skills today in head-to-head matchups or tournaments against real people for real rewards (where available). Get started now!

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