How to Play Pyramid Solitaire: A Guide

Would you like to learn how to play Pyramid Solitaire? There are more than 500 known variants of solitaire—a card game played around the world—and one of the most popular versions is Pyramid Solitaire. Also called the Pyramid Game and Solitaire 13, it’s similar to classic solitaire but with a few twists.

It’s a great game to help pass the time or take your mind off of work. If you’re ready to learn how to play Pyramid Solitaire, we're here to help. In the article, you will learn: - How Pyramid Solitaire works, including setup - The Object of Pyramid Solitaire - Step-by-step instructions for gameplay - How to win the Pyramid game
- Card values in Pyramid Solitaire - Where to play online Continue reading to get started. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to start playing Pyramid Solitaire from your phone today.

How Does The Pyramid Game Work?

Similar to Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire is typically played by one person. The only thing you’ll need is a 52-card deck and a little bit of space. Here’s how to set up for a game of Pyramid Solitaire: - Shuffle the deck - Deal the cards face down in the shape of a pyramid You can start with one card on the top row, two cards on the second row (side-by-side), three on the third, etc. until you reach seven rows (the seventh row having seven cards). Generally, every row should slightly overlap the one above it.

When your pyramid is complete, it should have 28 cards. The leftover cards should be placed face-up on the table to create the draw pile or “stock.” However, only the top card should be viewable.

Depending on the rules of your game, there may also be a “reserve row” consisting of six face-up cards beneath your pyramid that you can match with at will.

What is The Object of Pyramid Solitaire?

The object of Pyramid Solitaire is to match cards into pairs that equal 13 (hence the alternative name; Solitaire 13). Otherwise, the core rules of the game are relatively simple.

What Are The Card Values in Pyramid Solitaire?

The card values in Pyramid Solitaire are as follows: - Ace - 1 point - Jack - 11 points - Queen - 12 points - King - 13 points It’s important to note that a King counts as a “pair” by itself. You do not need to match it with other cards. Every other card is worth its face value (i.e., 4 of Hearts is four points, 2 of Spades of two points, so forth, and so on).

Step-by-Step Instructions To Play Pyramid Solitaire

Listed below are basic instructions for playing Pyramid Solitaire. However, there are many versions and variations depending on where you learn and play. ### Step One: Find Pairs That Match 13 Once you find pairs that equal 13, place each pair in a discard pile. It’s important to note that you can only play cards that don’t have others overlapping them. So, your first match must come from the bottom row. ### Step Two: Locate Potential Blocks Some hands are impossible to win. Recognizing this reality early can save you a lot of time and headaches. Generally speaking, unwinnable hands include pyramids where all of a particular rank are located one or more rows beneath their match. However, if you’re playing Pyramid Solitaire on your phone, you typically don’t have to worry about this.

Step Three: Move The Top Stock Card to The Discard Pile

Moving a stock card to the discard pile can help increase the number of available matches. That’s because it reveals an additional card within the stock pile while allowing you to still play the original card that you placed face up in the discard pile.

Step Four: Continue Playing Until The Game is Over

Continue finding matches using a combination of the free cards, discarded cards, and top stock cards until you complete the game. In most cases, you will go through your stockpile multiple times.

How to Win the Pyramid Game

You can complete a game of Pyramid Solitaire in two ways: with a win or a loss. To win, you must match and discard every card in the pyramid, stockpile, and discard pile. However, after you have moved every card from the stock to the discarded pile three times without winning, the game is over, and you lose.

Is Pyramid Solitaire Easy?

Yes. Playing a game of Pyramid Solitaire is easy and straightforward. However, it’s not always possible to win. In many cases, the game ends due to blocks or going through the pile of stock cards three times before matching all cards. That’s likely why the game is considered challenging, simple, frustrating, and addictive all at the same time.

Does Pyramid Solitaire Have a Strategy?

If you want to win at Pyramid Solitaire consistently, you’ll need to use multiple strategies. Generally, the best strategies for Pyramid Solitaire include: 1. Removing the Kings as fast as possible 2. Knowing which cards you should play now, and which cards you should wait to play 3. Recognizing when a game is unwinnable, so you can re-deal 4. Choosing a card from the stock as your first move 5. Making matching decisions after gathering as much evidence you can 6. Trying to remove cards evenly from both sides of the pyramid

What Are The Different Versions of Pyramid Solitaire?

There are multiple variations of Pyramid that you can play with a physical deck of cards or online. A few of the most popular versions include: - Tut’s Tomb (also called King Tut) - Giza Pyramid - Relaxed Pyramid - Apophis Pyramid Further, some versions allow re-deals, reserve cards, and multiple discard piles. The best way to acclimate yourself to the different versions of Pyramid Solitaire is to start playing online. Learn where to find the best online Pyramid Solitaire games below.

Play Pyramid Solitaire Online Right Now

Are you ready to start playing Pyramid Solitaire on your phone? Check out two of our most popular online Pyramid games below: - Pyramid Solitaire Cube - Pyramid Solitaire Royal Gold Our versions of Solitaire are not a solitary experience at all. Play head-to-head against real players for your chance to earn rewards and cash (where available). Good luck climbing the winner's board and claiming your title as King or Queen of the Pyramid! Get started now.

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