How to Play Scorpion Solitaire: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve mastered Classic Solitaire games, it might be time to move on to something more challenging but just as fun. Scorpion Solitaire is widely regarded as one of the most difficult types of Solitaire you can play. It’s a bit more complex than Spider Solitaire (unless you play four suits) with a gameplay style similar to Yukon Solitaire. If you’re ready to learn how to play Scorpion Solitaire, we’re here to help. In this article, you will learn: - The objective of Scorpion Solitaire - How to play Scorpion Solitaire - If winning Scorpion Solitaire is possible - The most difficult Solitaire games you can play - How to find the best Solitaire game for your skill level - Where to play Scorpion Solitaire on your iPhone or Android Are you ready to learn the basics of Scorpion? Continue reading to get started.

The Object of the Game

The main goal of Scorpion Solitaire is to build four foundational piles with descending sequences (i.e., K, Q, J, 10, 9, etc.) from the same suit. That’s accomplished by moving cards from the tableau to four piles on the right side of the table.

The game is over once you build all four suits (Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds). It’s important to note that Aces are low cards in Scorpion. That means that they are the last card in a sequence. The King is always first.

It’s not usually easy or possible to win a game of Scorpion Solitaire, which is what makes this one of the most challenging solo card games of all time. If you’re tired of winning Solitaire games with ease, Scorpion Solitaire is sure to give you a run for your money.

How Do I Play Scorpion Solitaire?

Scorpion Solitaire is played with a standard 52-card deck (no Jokers). 49 of the cards make the tableau (seven columns, each with seven slightly overlapped cards). The remaining three cards create the reserve (also called “the head”) pile, which you can play if you run into blocks during the game.

Step One: Setup

Scorpion Solitaire features three distinct piles: The tail, the body, and the foundation (also called “the head”). Learn more about each below. - Scorpion Tail - The three reserve cards, placed on the upper left corner of the table - Scorpion Body - The seven columns of cards in the tableau - Scorpion Head - Also called the foundation, this is where you place completed suit sequences

Essentially, the game is set up to resemble a Scorpion (i.e., head, body, and tail), and like a Scorpion, it only uses its tail in last resort scenarios.

Step Two: Dealing

Scorpion Solitaire setup is different than any other type of Solitaire. For starters, the first four body piles consist of seven cards. The first four cards within those columns are face down. The last three cards are face up cards.

The last three body piles also consist of seven cards, but they are all face up, each slightly overlapping the next in descending order.

Next, the remaining three cards (also called “the Scorpion tail” or “the reserve”) are placed in a pile face down at the top left of the tableau.

Lastly, leave four open spaces for the head/foundation. It’s important to remember that the head piles are not used until you complete a suit of King to Ace in the body. The completed suit is then cleared from the playing board and placed in the foundation piles.

Step Three: Playing

Now that you’re set up, you’re ready to play. The rules of Scorpion are not that difficult, but winning certainly is a challenge. Listed below are step-by-step instructions for playing Scorpion. If you’re unfamiliar with any terms used below, refer to the section above for a quick refresher.

  • Move your cards from one body pile to the next. Players can move any exposed cards or sequence of cards to another pile in the body so long as the top card is the same suit and one rank above the cards you’re moving. For example, you can move the Jack of Spades onto an exposed Queen of Spades or a 2 of Diamonds onto an exposed 3 of Diamonds. Further, you can move a pile of 10 of Hearts, 9 of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, 3 of Spades onto an exposed Jack of Hearts. However, you can only move Kings onto empty piles. This is where the games get tricky.
  • Deal cards from the tail. Suppose you don’t see any allowable moves on the tableau. In that case, you can deal the cards from the tail to the first three piles of the Scorpion body. If you’re playing Scorpion on your iPhone or Android, there may be an option to deal reserve cards at any point during the game. Look for the “Clear completed runs” button or similar on the game.
  • Turn over face down cards when exposed. When any of the facedown cards in the first four columns are exposed (i.e., there are no cards on top of it), you must flip the card over. Most online Scorpion games complete this task for you. If you’re playing manually, you’ll need to do it yourself.
  • Make the game more manageable if you can. Depending on the version of Scorpion, there may be an option to undo moves. Generally, you can use the undo button as much as you need, making the game considerably easier. However, it still doesn’t guarantee victory.
  • Discard runs when completed. Classic Scorpion Solitaire is tricky because you typically can’t move a completed run (i.e., King through Ace of the same suit) to the foundation until the end of the game. Therefore, you have to make all of your moves around the completed runs. However, most online Scorpion Solitaire games allow players to discard or clear runs to the foundation as soon as they are completed. Doing so adds more space to the table, making maneuvering the remaining cards to form runs easier.

Can You Win Scorpion Solitaire?

Yes, you can win Scorpion Solitaire, but it’s not easy. Generally, about 5 - 15% of games are winnable. While that’s better than lottery odds, it’s still very challenging. However, if you’re a Klondike Solitaire savant, perhaps you’ve been waiting for a test like this your whole life.

Tips For Winning Scorpion Solitaire

If you’ve agreed to play Scorpion, you should be prepared for the likelihood of defeat. However, that shouldn’t stop you from attempting to achieve greatness. Listed below are a few tips for winning Scorpion Solitaire games: 1. Flip face down cards in the first four columns as early as possible. This increases your opportunities and available moves. However, it may be impossible to reach the face down cards if you encounter a block. 2. Avoid filling empty spaces until you absolutely must. 3. Avoid reversed sequencing. A reversed sequence occurs when two cards are in ascending order and placed on top of a card that ranks one higher than the card on top of the two-card sequence. Suppose you have a 3 of Hearts on top of a 2 of Hearts, which is on top of a 4 of Hearts. In that case, the 3 and the 2 must be moved before the 4 can be placed in order, which creates deadlock (i.e., game over). 4. Avoid “criss-cross” deadlocks. A criss-cross deadlock occurs simultaneously in two columns. For example, a 10 of Spades on a 5 of Diamonds in one body column, and a 6 of Diamonds on top of a Jack of Spades in another column. 5. Play and play again. If you’re new to Scorpion Solitaire, you’re most likely going to lose a lot before you win. However, that’s part of the charm of the game of Scorpion. It provides an endless challenge, but when you finally succeed, it feels great.

There is no doubt that Scorpion presents a challenge to even the most skilled Solitaire player. However, with patience, dedication, and a competitive spirit, you’ll be winning games in no time.

What is the Difference Between Scorpion and Double Scorpion Solitaire?

The rules of Scorpion and Double Scorpion are identical. However, Double Scorpion uses two decks of cards, and players must build 8 suits to win the game. Since there are double the cards and more columns, Double Scorpion is generally much easier than single Scorpion Solitaire.

What is the Most Difficult Solitaire?

There are more than 150 widely recognized Solitaire games and plenty of others that aren’t as well known. If you really want to flex your brainpower, you can play the most difficult Solitaire games.

The games regarded as the most challenging (in no particular order) to play and win include: 1. Four Suit Spider Solitaire 2. Canfield Solitaire 3. Forty Thieves Solitaire 4. Scorpion Solitaire 5. TriPeaks Solitaire 6. FreeCell Solitaire Both Spider Solitaire and Scorpion are typically the toughest games to win. However, it depends on your background, experience, and patience levels.

Which Solitaire is Best?

Choosing the best Solitaire is similar to picking a favorite child; it’s difficult, to say the least. Below we’ve provided a uniquely curated list of the best Solitaire games for mobile.

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Where to Play Scorpion Solitaire on Your Phone

Scorpion Solitaire is regarded as one of the most challenging Solitaire card games in the world. If you’re ready to accept the challenge, check out Scorpion Solitaire online in the Apple or Android app store today. Play against real players for your chance to earn real prizes where available. Get started now!

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